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As an expert in web design, I offer professional website development services in and around Łącko. My speciality is designing innovative and practical websites for local businesses and individual clients.

My designs are distinguished not only by their aesthetic design, but above all by their effective search engine optimisation. Thanks to this, your website has a real chance of gaining high positions in Google results, which translates into increased online visibility for your business.

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Screenshot of the home section of the website of a tattoo studio called BlackInk, made by an experienced web designer for hire - webkaster.
Screenshot of the homepage section of a hairdressing studio website called TrimZone, made by an experienced web designer for hire - webkaster.
A screenshot of the homepage section of a make-up studio website called Aura, made by an experienced web designer for hire - webkaster.
A screenshot of the homepage section of a guitar guru's website called DylanStrumfield, made by an experienced web designer for hire - webkaster.

Websites Łącko

In the process of creating websites for the residents of Łącko, I use the latest industry trends and technologies. The basis of my projects is the WordPress system, which guarantees exceptional functionality and ease of use.

This solution allows you to make changes and updates to the content on your new site yourself, without the need for advanced technical skills.

Responsiveness and Modernity

Responsiveness and Modernity

Created by me websites are fully adapted to mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Nowadays, with more and more people accessing the internet on mobile devices, this is extremely important. 

Your website will keep up with users' changing preferences, providing convenience and ease of use.


I have prepared a unique offer for entrepreneurs from Łącko - free technical support and maintenance of the website for the first quarter after its launch.

After this time, I offer a variety of support packages available as part of a monthly subscription. These include regular content updates, security checks and comprehensive technical support.

Websites Łącko
Websites Gorlice

Website positioning and Google Ads campaigns

I use advanced SEO techniques in my projects for Łącko, which significantly affects the visibility of your website in search engines. This is key to increasing your company's visibility in the region.

In addition, I offer professional Google Ads campaigns, further strengthening your business' online presence.

My offer to businesses in Łącko is comprehensive - from concept to implementation to promotion. I provide a full range of web services in one place, saving you valuable time and resources.

Websites Łącko

Order flow

I believe that creating a website requires having a clear plan. Therefore, in my work I always follow the individual steps

Before I start any project, I take the time to thoroughly understand the needs and goals of my Gorlice clients. I believe that clear communication and active listening are key elements of a successful collaboration. I ask a lot of questions to get a good understanding of their vision and business goals. This thorough preparation process helps me create websites that meet my clients' expectations and are optimised for SEO.

After the preparation phase, I move on to the web design stage, where I carefully create a design that meets the client's requirements. I maintain open communication, valuing client feedback, which plays a key role in shaping the final website. For more elaborate projects, I start by creating sketches, presenting monochrome representations to clients to ensure that the final result meets their expectations.

Once the client has approved the project, I proceed to install WordPress and the necessary plugins. I then create the pages step-by-step, providing the client with preview links as they go. This method allows for seamless feedback and ensures that Mszana Dolna clients' expectations are met at every stage.

As the project nears completion, I carefully review and tweak every aspect of the site to achieve the desired result. Clients are involved in this stage, allowing any necessary changes to be made.

Once the pages are completed in WordPress, I provide a link to the final preview so clients can suggest final tweaks. When everything is ready, I publish the site and, if requested by the client, carry out SEO optimisation so that the site reaches the top positions in Google search results.



BlackInk - Tattoo studio website

The main objective of this conceptual design was to create a simple and clear website that captures the unique aura of the tattoo studio.

Poster - Ray of Sunshine

A colourful and energetic poster for Sunbeam Preschool, inviting enrolment for 2024, ideal for children aged 2-6 years.

Trimzone - Hairdressing Salon Website

The main objective of this conceptual project was to create a visually appealing and modern online platform for a fictional hair salon called TrimZone.

Logo - Eko Café

The Eco Brew Coffee logo combines elements of nature and coffee culture, promoting ecological values and quality.

Poster - Florist "Aurelia"

A cosy and elegant poster for Floralia Florist, inviting you to discover a wide range of fresh bouquets and arrangements for every occasion.

Business card - TechWave

An elegant and innovative business card for 'TechWave Solutions', an IT company specialising in advanced technology solutions, combines functionality with dynamic design.

Why Choose an Independent Web Developer Instead of an Agency?

Personal Approach

Drive over me
Your website will be operated by one person, making it easier to communicate and adapt to your needs, whereas with an agency the task will be split between several people.
In addition, when working with an agency, the client tends to get less attention than he/she deserves.

Direct communication

Drive over me
You communicate directly with me, eliminating intermediaries and streamlining the decision-making process. When working with an agency, there is no one person who is responsible for your website in case of revisions or various problems. Multiple people can handle different aspects, leading to delays and confusion.


Drive over me
By choosing freelancers to create your website, you can benefit from a more cost-effective approach, as you only pay for the specific time and expertise dedicated to your project. Additionally, this option provides the opportunity for a more personalised and focused collaboration, guaranteeing a high-quality website tailored to your needs.


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