About me

Let me better introduce myself. I am Kacper, a 20-year-old student from Poland. I am a certified google marketing specialist I love creating websites. 

Passion for web design

My adventure in web development began 7 years ago when I wrote my first code in HTML. I was immediately captivated by the ability to create designs and transform them to life on the web.

Desire for further development

As a young web developer, I constantly enjoy every new feature that is released, I am constantly looking for opportunities to learn and explore. Developing my skills is my passion and the excitement of progress propels me forward. In 2023, my focus is on mastering React and artificial intelligence.

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About Me and My Work

My Workflow

I believe that web development requires having a clear workflow. Therefore, in my work I always follow the individual steps

Before I enter into any project, I take the time to thoroughly understand my clients' needs and goals. I believe that clear communication and active listening are key elements of a successful collaboration. I ask a lot of questions to get a good understanding of their vision.

After the preparation phase, I move seamlessly into the web design stage, where I carefully create a design that suits the client. Throughout this process, I maintain open communication, valuing client feedback, which plays a key role in shaping the final website.

For more elaborate projects, I begin the design process by creating sketches, presenting clients with monochrome representations before embarking on the detailed visual design to ensure the end result meets their expectations.

Once the design phase is complete and the client has approved the final design, I proceed to install WordPress and the necessary plugins for the project.

The next step is to precisely create the pages, one after the other, constantly providing the client with preview links. This method facilitates the collection of seamless feedback and ensures that customers' expectations are met.

As we approach the end of the project, I carefully review and revise every aspect to achieve the desired outcome. I involve the client in this stage, making the almost-finished work available and making the changes they expect.

Once all the pages have been created in WordPress, I provide the client with a link to the final preview so that they can suggest final adjustments.

When everything is ready, I publish the site. If the client wishes, I can also optimise the site so that the optimisation of the page is at a competent level. 

What Software Do I Use?


I use tried and tested software that works for me, but I do not rule out any new solutions if they prove to be better. However, the software I currently use is absolutely sufficient to meet my needs.

Google specialist

I am a Goggle certified specialist in Internet marketing and Google ADS


What am I interested in?

My Personal Interests

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Books and Games

The world of The Witcher simply dazzled me! This universe is incredibly beautiful and complex and forces you to think deeper. All those puzzles and moral dilemmas - wow! It has drawn me in so much that reading Sapkowski's saga once a year is an absolute minimum

About Me - Wolf School Medallion

Eclectic Musical Taste

I love music and discovering new sounds gives me great pleasure. I listen to many different genres. As you can see, some might call my taste in music a bit strange.
Scrennshot of the top music I listen to
Scrennshot of the top musical artists I listen to

mes que un club

I am a big fan of football. Whenever I get the chance, I either watch matches or play with my friends. I am a dedicated fan of FC Barcelona.

Fc Barcelona Football Club logo


How much does it cost to create a website?

The cost of creating a website depends on various factors, such as the complexity of the project, the features required and the number of pages.

As a freelancer, I offer competitive prices and tailor the cost to meet your specific needs.

For an accurate quote, please get in touch with me and I will be happy to discuss your project requirements in detail.

This will depend on the scope and complexity of the project.

  • One simple landing page can take 1-4 weeks, depending on the amount of text.
  • A full website of 5-10 pages can take between 4 and 8 weeks.

You. I do not have any rights to the site. I can give you full admin rights, so you can even remove me if that is your wish. You pay for the site, so it becomes your property.

The only thing I would like is to be able to add the site to my portfolio if I want it.

If you don't already have hosting or a domain, I'm happy to advise you on where you can purchase them and how to set them up. I recommend services of Hostingerwhich, in addition to hosting itself, also offer a free domain name. I also offer the service of hosting your pages on my hosting, which will come out more favourably priced for you.

However, once you have decided to buy the hosting, I will send you a video on how to add me as a manager

Of course! Because I use the latest software, editing text, images and other content on the web pages is very easy. You can change virtually anything if you wish.

In addition, I try to design websites in such a way that they are easy to edit, even for those unfamiliar with the technical aspects. I also offer help and support if any problems arise.

Yes, I provide free maintenance and support for the site, I offer support packages available for a monthly fee, which include content updates, security checks and technical support.

Ensuring that the website is updated regularly has a positive impact on its positioning and user experience.

Of course! I have experience in implementing SEO best practices during the website development process. From optimising page structure and meta tags, to ensuring fast load times and mobile-friendliness, I'll make sure your website is search engine friendly.


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