Logo - Apex Construct

The Apex Construct logo combines modernity and robustness, representing strength and innovation in the construction industry.

Logo design - logo for a construction company - mockup

Project Objective

The aim of the project was to create a logo that reflects the dynamism and forward-looking vision of Apex Construct, providing a solid representation of the company in the construction market and with clients and partners.

Logo design - logo for a construction company - mockup

Project Design

The logo design focuses on a strong geometric representation of a skyscraper, which symbolises the strength and stability of the company. The use of blue gradients in the background recalls technology and innovation, while silver and white accents add elegance and modernity. The logo is placed in a circle, which reinforces the impression of solidity and belonging to global standards in construction. As a whole, it presents Apex Construct as a leader in modern construction, with an emphasis on forward-looking solutions and design.

Logo design - logo for a construction company - mockup
Logo design - eco cafe logo - mockup

Logo - Eko Café

The Eco Brew Coffee logo combines elements of nature and coffee culture, promoting ecological values and quality.

Poster design - Sunbeam poster - mockup

Poster - Ray of Sunshine

A colourful and energetic poster for Sunbeam Preschool, inviting enrolment for 2024, ideal for children aged 2-6 years.


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