Logo - Eko Café

The Eco Brew Coffee logo combines elements of nature and coffee culture, promoting ecological values and quality.

Logo design - eco cafe logo - mockup

Project Objective

The aim of the project was to create a logo that would symbolise Eco Brew Coffee's commitment to sustainable practices and organic products, while also being a recognisable mark in the coffee industry.

Logo design - eco cafe logo - mockup

Project Design

The logo is characterised by a rich use of green tones, emphasising the company's environmental commitment. The central coffee leaf motif, surrounded by a circle with additional natural elements such as coffee beans and leaves, symbolises the cycle of life and growth.

Logo design - eco cafe logo - mockup
Poster design - Sunbeam poster - mockup

Poster - Ray of Sunshine

A colourful and energetic poster for Sunbeam Preschool, inviting enrolment for 2024, ideal for children aged 2-6 years.

Logo design - logo for a construction company - mockup

Logo - Apex Construct

The Apex Construct logo combines modernity and robustness, representing strength and innovation in the construction industry.


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