Business card - Aurelia

Elegant and modern business card for 'Aurelia Design', a design firm specialising in interior design

Business card design - Aurelia business card - Front and back

Project Objective

The aim of this business card design was to create a visual representation of the 'Aurelia Design' brand that communicates its values and aesthetics in a direct and memorable way. The project aimed to attract a high-end clientele interested in luxurious but functional interior design, and to reinforce the company's position as a leader in the design industry.

Business card design - Business card Aurelia - Front

Project Design

The business card design features a minimalist approach, where the dominant black background colour contrasts with metallic gold, used to accentuate key elements such as the company's name and logo. The use of a sleek, modern 'Montserrat' font in a variety of thicknesses highlights information without overdoing it. The gold ornaments add sophistication while keeping the design clean and simple.

Business card design - Business card Aurelia - Back
Poster design - Poster aurelia - mockup

Poster - Florist "Aurelia"

A cosy and elegant poster for Floralia Florist, inviting you to discover a wide range of fresh bouquets and arrangements for every occasion.

Poster design - Sunbeam poster - mockup

Poster - Ray of Sunshine

A colourful and energetic poster for Sunbeam Preschool, inviting enrolment for 2024, ideal for children aged 2-6 years.


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