Poster - Ray of Sunshine

A colourful and energetic poster for Sunbeam Preschool, inviting enrolment for 2024, ideal for children aged 2-6 years.

Poster design - Sunbeam poster - mockup

Project Objective

The poster aims to attract the attention of parents and carers of pre-school children by promoting the broad educational offer of the pre-school, which includes English, maths, as well as music and art classes. The aim is to inform about open enrolment and highlight the educational and developmental values offered by the preschool.

Poster design - Sunbeam poster - mockup

Project Design

The poster is characterised by vibrant, bright colours and joyful graphics that reflect the friendly and stimulating educational environment of the nursery school. The central placement of the child's figure symbolises the activity and engagement that are central to teaching methods. The poster's background of pastel shades with soft curves suggests a safe and welcoming environment, and the clear, easy-to-read fonts make it easy to quickly see the information.

Poster design - Sunbeam poster - mockup
Logo design - eco cafe logo - mockup

Logo - Eko Café

The Eco Brew Coffee logo combines elements of nature and coffee culture, promoting ecological values and quality.

Business card design - Aurelia business card - Front and back

Business card - Aurelia

Elegant and modern business card for 'Aurelia Design', a design firm specialising in interior design


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